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Lanzarote Guide

Amalfi Coast

he Divine Coast has always been the destination preferred by travellers, musicians, writers and artist from any part of the world, not only for its insurmountable natural beauty and the countless artistic heritage, but also for the atmosphere that you can experience, for the variety of the tourist offert and the local people's kindness. Knwow in the entire world for the most famous locations of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello, the Amalfi Coast is rich in rare jewels to discover, which sweep from the beaches reachable only by boat to the paths practicable only by walking and that provide unmatchable views..... Read more


Protected from the North Winds by the Monti Lattari mountainous uplands, Positano has the virtue to have a mild and dry climate. The feature of the small town is very original: its buildings are arranged in overlapping lines and climb the overlooking rock. The small houses, heaping themselves, are so peculiar to be used as the subject of never-ending pictures Read more


Ancient Medieval City, known in all over the world for its history, for its supreme monuments, for the magic of its landscapes and patrician estates, enchanting land that the most illustrious wanderers of any time elected to "Homeland of the Spirit", only by visiting Ravello it's allowed to live intense moments of magic astonishment Read more


Known in all over the world as the Land of Sirens, motherland of the '500 famous Italian poet Torquato Tasso, ideal location for artists and writers who want to reawaken their splendour and find new inspiration for the creation of new works, historical destination for famous authors like Wagner, Ibsen, Nietzsche, Browning and Caruso, Sorrento surprises everyday with its enchanting landscapes not only the occasional visitors, but even those who steadily live in the coast... Read more


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